How To Do Your Fringe 60’s Retro Style

How To Do Your Fringe 60's Retro Style 1Katy Perry – Photo Courtesy: Samantha Sekula

Fashion is always new and often a little bit old at the same time and the recent comeback of the 60’s style fringe is a testament to that. But it’s not exactly how it was 50 years ago – it’s a little bit new as well as retro, all in one.

If that has you intrigued and you want that retro look for yourself then keep reading. Here are the essential tips to make sure your 60’s fringe is just as dazzling as the A-Listers who have popularized it:

Don’t Worry About Color

This is one style that can work no matter what the color. Dark, almost black hair will give you a dark, slightly Gothic look whilst a blond bombshell of a retro fringe works great too. This style has even been sported in more outrageous colors such as red or pink!

Get The Right Shape

How To Do Your Fringe 60's Retro Style 2

Photo Courtesy: Jerine Lay

OK, so it’s not a complicated style by any stretch, but getting the line right is important. The best retro fringes curve smoothly over the tops of your eyebrows and should transition smoothly into the rest of the hair. Of course, the exact shape depends on the shape of your face, so try to plan accordingly.

Turn Up The Volume

Your fringe needs some volume and a little curve or else it will fall flat against your face, and that simply won’t do. All it takes is a little round brush and a little practice. Alternatively, a straightener will do the trick in a pinch.

Get Help

This isn’t really a styling tip so much as a tip not to style it. If you get the cut slightly off it can look all wrong, so make sure you go to a good stylist and make sure you both know what look you’re going for. A photo of a celebrity sporting this style will help a lot.

How To Do Your Fringe 60's Retro Style 3

Zooey Deschanel – Photo Courtesy: Breezy Baldwin

Maintenance Matters

Once it is cut, it is up to you to keep it looking its best. You need to be precise and a little bit obsessive; wash it regularly and style it right away to make sure it dries just right.

Variations & Tips

You have to work this style to fit your face; it’s not one style fits all. If you have a relatively round face then using a straighter line for your fringe might work better. For long faces a curved fringe is better. Basically you just have to judge what will work with your head.

And finally, if you’re not ready for the commitment of such a high maintenance style, consider using hair extensions to get the same effect; that way you can get the style just right, but go back to something more contemporary depending on your mood.


Guest post by Ricky from Majestic Tresses, sellers of quality hair closures and extensions.


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