Chic Hairstyles

The Wedding Blonde Bun Chic HairstyleThe latest trendy haircuts and chic hairstyles, with step by step how tos and pictures. From spiral curls, to sleek sedu styles, to romantic wedding updos and backcombed vintage looks.

Looking good is a priority for any woman, and having the perfect hair style is the perfect compliment to a well-styled outfit!

Whether you’re getting ready for prom, dressing for a date, picking a formal wedding hairstyle or just figuring out what to ask your hairdresser at your next appointment, it’s important to have done your research!

A fantastic hair cut that flatters your face shape, skin tone and eye color can make you look younger and more trendy. Make sure that next time you pop into your local hairdresser, you have a good idea of what sort of shape, color and style you want. Ask. Be specific. Don’t settle.

Special Occasion Hairstyles

Going to a formal event like a prom, homecoming or a wedding is really exciting! But, it is very important that you pay as much attention to your hair as you do to your outfit.

You can compliment the style of your dress with your hair; you can choose something super sleek and elegant, or some natural looking curls, or perhaps a complicated updo style.

Chic Celebrities

Nicely Done Straight Hair in Ponytail


Watching fashion trends evolve is easy when you have your eye on the most talked about celebrities. Celebrities are often the ones to set hair trends – just look at Jennifer Aniston or Victoria Beckham. Some celebrities are better known for their hairstyle than anything else!

Chic Hairstyles will help you to recreate celebrity hairstyle looks, and give you advice on looking red carpet perfect.



Fantasy Hair

Emo hair, ghetto hair, rockabilly style, Gothic looks and scene cuts all have an edgy, unique style. These super trendy looks can make you stand out, and feel confident.

Learn how to get the look with step by step instructions and links to some amazing videos, blogs and websites.

Retro and Vintage Inspired

Sometimes to look elegant and classic, you have to take a sneak peek into the past! 50s hair was big and beautiful, 70s was long and feminine, 20s was all about the bob, and 80s was about experimenting with color and a comb!

Add a little extra panache to your style, with some vintage grips and slides or a big flower clip. Get out the hot rollers, hairspray and a barrel brush, and get ready to style!

Beauty Tips

Having the perfect hairstyle would be nothing without a finished makeup look. Brows, eyes, lips and cheeks should be polished to perfection to highlight and strengthen your finished fashionable look.

Don’t forget to experiment! Try out new products and be inspired by everything around you. Play with some clip-in hair extensions, and try out some semi-permanent hair dyes.

Your hair style says so much about you, don’t forget to let it speak!