Hairstyles for Thick, Curly, Straight and Fine Hair

Whatever hair texture you have, you’ll always want the opposite. Those with curly hair want straight, and those with straight want curly. If you’re in the small category of people who actually like their hair, good for you! If you’re not, learn to embrace it, enjoy it and experiment with it!

Curly Hairstyles


Hairstyles for Thick, Curly, Straight and Fine Hair 1 - curly hair

Curly hair can come in all sorts of textures. It can be frizzy, wavy, big or permed. Each type of curly texture will require different styling techniques and different products.

Frizzy hair might need a little mousse to help the curls relax and form. It will make the hair appear more styled and polished, and it doesn’t take long to add it to your hair in the morning. Another remedy for frizzy curls is to have your hair professionally relaxed or permed, which will help your hair to sit better, and you can choose whether to have it straight or you can decide on the size of curls you have.

The best tip for curly hairstyles is a pair of good straighteners, not to straighten your hair, but to tame the curls and discourage flyaways. Straighteners are easy to curl with and more long lasting than tongs. Then once you’ve tamed all the little hairs, pop on some hair serum to keep it looking sleek.

Hairstyles for Fine Hair


Hairstyles for Thick, Curly, Straight and Fine Hair 2 - fine hairFine, straight hair permanently looks polished and done; your only frustration will be the lack of volume and body your hair has.

There’s loads of products out on the market at the moment to remedy this problem. Invest in a few good ones. A root lifting spray applied whilst your hair is drying will encourage a bit of body at the roots. You can also encourage it further by massaging your scalp whilst the hair dries.

You could try a volumizing shampoo and conditioner which might help increase volume. But, a really great way of adding volume to your hair is hair extensions. Clip in extensions can be a great way to add texture and body to your hair, and there’s loads of different kinds out there; make sure its a good color match and its made of 100% human hair to ensure that it looks realistic.

Layered Hairstyles

Going to your local hairdresser and asking for some layers to be put into your hair will give your hair an interesting texture. Movement and styling will look much more modern with layers in, but be sure you let them know how deep you want the layers to go.


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